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Escape Plan (Episode #25)

In today’s episode of Hot Game Magnet we review ESCAPE PLAN. We have been anticipating this game for a long time,  since Justin backed it on Kickstarter.

We love the theme and a lot of other stuff that attracted us to this game. Since it arrived we haven’t stopped playing Escape Plan. Consequently, it’s our new favourite game!- yes aren’t they all?

Designed by acclaimed board game designer Vital Lacerda, with a theme ripped straight from Reservoir Dogs, Escape Plan, published by Eagle Griffin Games with art by Ian O’Toole, might be just such a combination.

Listen now to find out what all the fuss is about.

Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra

King Manuel I is back again with a whole new palace decorating ambition. Last time it was ceramic tile work but this time it’s all about the windows. In AZUL: Stained Glass of Sintra you and up to three other players are leadlighters competing to create the most beautiful stained glass windows in King Manuel I’s Palace.

This update to the huge hit AZUL, seems to have all the same great features, but throws in some interesting new mechanics.

Is this AZUL: Stained Glass of Sintra an instant classic, worthy of all the glory of it’s predecessor, or just a re-skin that is better left on the shelf?

Find out what we thought and listen now.


In this weeks episode of Hot Game Magnet, we review the simple game of Santorini.

What’s better, building your own idyllic Greek island village, or crushing your enemies? How about both? In Santorini by Spinmaster games you get to recreate the fantastic and unique beauty of the famous island of Santorini.

Make sure that your opponents never feel the warmth of the Gods approval. Does this sound like a fun family game? Find out what we think in this weeks episode.

We love the simplicity of this game. Listen as we discuss the components, game play and replay-ability.

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To buy Santorini, visit here: Spinmaster Shop.

Wingspan SM Games


This week on Hot Game Magnet, Board Game Reviews, we soar to new heights. We review one of 2019’s most talked about games; Wingspan by Elizabeth Hargrave and published by Stonemaier Games.

We love Scythe and are really curious to see if Wingspan has similar quality staying power and awesome game mechanics. Listen as we discuss the artwork, components, replay-ability and design of a game with a theme centering around birds.

Does it live up to the high flying hype, or should this one go the way of the dodo?

Wingspan SM Games
Playing Wingspan

Secret Hitler


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This week we review a very popular and controversial game: Secret Hitler. Well, one of us reviews Secret Hitler. Unfortunately, Justin has the flu this week and can’t speak, so this week Alison will do her first solo review. We’re very excited to talk about this game and also to experiment with some new formats.

Please enjoy our review of Secret Hitler.

To buy Secret Hitler, click here.

Love Letter

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Love Letter is a game we, at Hot Game Magnet, have been enjoying in between the stress which is the adulthood slowly taking over our lives. Today we review this super short card game. An deduction game where we are trying to get our letter into the hands of Princess Arnette who has locked herself in the tower. Of course it’s completely abstract with no tower and no actual letter to speak of. So is attempting to get your Love Letter read a worthy pursuit? Join us to find out, as we discuss the worthiness of this game in much detail.

Buy Love Letter direct from Z-Man Games here.


This week we review, a game that’s been staying hot since it was created in 2000, Carcassone.

This seemingly simple tile laying game puts 2-4 players in the position of a planner who must construct the grand French city of Carcassone. Score points by finishing roads, cities, and even the odd cathedral. Prevent your opponents from doing the same so you can win.

We also look at the digital edition and talk about the pros and cons of both.

Buy the game here from Z-Man Games.

Clans of Caledonia

In this episode of Hot Game Magnet we discuss the first ever board game that Alison has purchased- Clans of Caledonia! If you have ever wanted to live in 19th Century Scotland this game is for you.

Choose a Scottish Clan and produce, trade and export goods like whiskey, wool, and mutton.

Similarly, Clans of Caledonia is for you if you like mid-heavy economic games that are not too hard to grasp and age nicely like a single malt.

To hear the full review listen to Episode 19 of Hot Game Magnet. Remember to leave a review if you love it.

Buy the game directly from Karma Games, or wherever you like to buy your games from.


Tortuga 1667

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In today’s episode of Hot Game Magnet we delve into the world of pirates in: Tortuga 1667. Set in the Caribbean on the isle of Tortuga this is a game of clever mechanics, simple treachery, and thematic blows.

Party games are usually not our jam, but this one ticks all the treasure chests. With amazing components,  we love the beautiful simplicity which is Tortuga 1667.

By Facade games, Tortuga 1667 blows it out of the water but we really don’t know where your allegiance lies until it’s too late.

In this episode:

Facade Game: Tortuga 1667


HellBoy: The Board Game

We are so excited to bring you today’s podcast, Hellboy: The Boardgame. This is a long awaited game at our house, as we backed the Kickstarter in 2018.

This episode is a beautiful balance of giving you a detailed review of the game with no spoilers.

We talk about the replay ability, characters, story and artwork.

Investigate our episode and gather the clues so you can decide if you want to take on the big boss yourself.

In this episode:

Hellboy: The Board Game

Hellboy: The Boardgame on Kickstarter