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Wayfinders Board Game review

Wayfinders Board Game Review


In today’s episode we talk about Wayfinders by Pandasaurus games. In this game you get a to pilot a seaplane and set up hangars on remote islands. It’s a game of strategy and can be quite crunchy and yet is still whimsical and simple. Listen to our full review, and check out the game here https://pandasaurusgames.com/products/wayfinders

WanderSquares: The Underwood Tunnels Interview

Is it possible to make a board game entirely by yourself? Well the creator of this new family friendly RPG has done just that.

Today I speak with Matt Carlson from Wandersquares: The Underwood Tunnels. Matt is the soul creator, marketer and designer of this gorgeously designed board game. To be honest I haven’t ever played an RPG, but this game is so cute I had to find out more. Matt has generously provided his print and play on the Kickstarter page, so you really have no excuse to not check it out.



WanderSquares: The Underwood Tunnels Kickstarter Page

Wander Squares Print and Play


Shadow Network- Interview with Jason Washburn


Shadow Network is a game about spies, which we spotted on Kickstarter recently. It is by one of our favourite game companies Talon Strike Studios. After covering it in our latest Kickstarter Round Up for October 2020 we contacted them for an interview. What do you know? Jason Washburn agreed and here it is. He tells all about how the game came about, how to play the game and all about the theme. You get to play as a Shadow Network. If you are wondering what exactly that is, give this podcast a listen.

It’s not too late to back the Kickstarter here for Shadow Network: A game about spies. 

October 2020 Kickstarter Round Up

There are so many board games on Kickstarter. In our monthly roundups we talk about what games look good to us.

It’s Almost November but that doesn’t mean we don’t have time to covet all the many games now available to back on Kickstarter right now in October!

You can follow us on Kickstarter here: Hot Game Magnet on Kickstarter

As a spoiler here are the Kickstarter’s we talk about:

Silly Shapes

Sleeve Kings


Shadow Network

After recording this podcast, I actually hit up a couple of the game creators for interviews, so stayed tuned!




Camp Pinetop Review

In today’s episode of Hot Game Magnet we review Camp Pinetop. This game from Talon Strike Games came beautifully boxed. It’s easy to play and simple to pick up.

We actually first played Camp Pinetop way back before it was even on Kickstarter. It was the very first board game we played on Tabletop Simulator. Camp Pinetop was recommended by Justin’s brother who was at a board game convention and said it was the best game he played there.

Well, after backing Camp Pinetop on Kickstarter it has finally arrived. For a full run down of how we found the game after actually receiving it, listen to this week’s review on the podcast episode of Hot Game Magnet.

Everybody knows the best part about being a scout is achieving merit badges. In Camp Pinetop by Talon Strike Games we find out how much fun that really is, and you can do it at home, or while your camping if you want.

Mantis Falls Interview

Mantis Falls Interview with Juli Bierwirth

In this week’s episode I speak with Juli Bierwirth from Distant Rabbit Games, Mantis Falls. This was their first game and it launched on Kickstarter earlier this year, and made over $180,000! In this interview we discuss the game, and the Kickstarter. Juli is very honest and forthcoming with her information- so I hope you all learn something- even if it’s just- ‘hey yeah, social deduction games should work for only 2 people!’

You can still Late Back Mantis Falls now- follow the link here!

Racoon Tycoon


In this week’s episode Justin and Alison review Racoon Tycoon. This is another one we purchased from Kickstarter. It’s by Forbidden Games and they’ve just had a Kickstarter for a new game, Lizard Wizard. We’d thought we’d give this a whirl before deciding to back the new one. Listen to what we have to say about Racoon Tycoon in the decision to back Lizard Wizard!


Raccoon Tycoon with the Fat Cat expansion created by Glenn Drover and Forbidden Games. Is this our new favourite game about adorable woodland creatures competing ruthlessly for domination? It could very well be.




Silly Shapes Card Game

Silly Shapes interview with game creator

Silly Shapes is the game you wish you already had to introduce your kids or stubborn family members to gaming. I want a bunch for our youth group. For any teacher out there who wants to play a cheeky game during class, with the excuse it improves literacy and numeracy- this will be your future go to.

In this episode I interview Benjamin Lannen, the creator behind Silly Shapes, a fun family game which integrates multiple game mechanics to create a mashed up fun party game. We discuss how the game came, all the mechanics and what to expect from his up and coming Kickstarter in October. This game has been thoroughly thought out, play tested and is a lot of fun. If you’re interested check out his game at https://www.facebook.com/silly.shapes.

Boss Babe Interview

In this week’s episode I speak with Brian Fisher from Kickstarter game Boss Babe. This game is different than anything we’ve ever seen before. It isn’t so much a game, it’s more like a statement against multi-level marketing companies, and how they have taken a hold of some of our nearest and dearest. It’s funny and it’s satire and it’s not at all heavy. I’m not sure if Brian is a genius or has just tripped too far down a rabbit hole, but this game might be just the gateway game that some of you all need to channel your energy from talking about shampoo to joining our board game table. The branding is slick and the punch line is on, so if you are looking to introduce someone special to a lifestyle of social interaction check this out. And if you’re not interested, I suggest you listen anyway, as this is the edgiest show I’ve done.