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Skate Summer

I always wanted to be a skate boarder, but I grew up in the country with a dirt road and also, I didn’t like all the falling down so I never really got to live the dream.  Pandasaurus games new release Skate Summer, grabbed me from the first, with its nostalgic promise to relive that childhood dream. It has some really interesting and unique mechanics, spot on artwork, and the creator clearly knows what they’re talking about when it comes to skating.

It’s a promising game from a consistent company. Is it the perfect boardgame adaptation of the skater lifestyle? Do those interesting mechanics make for a solid fun game?

Listen in to find out if Skate Summer lands the trick, or totally bails.

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2022 Year End Wrap Up

Another Year come and gone. We played a lot of games and did a lot of board game reviews. Some of them were good, some of them not so good, and some of them were pretty great. We went over every new board game that we played this year and decided on the six board games we review that we could both agree were our favorite board games. Our rules for what makes the list of best board games of the year are pretty loose. The first rule is: did we play this board game in 2022? The second rule for what boardgame we think should go on our best board game list is: did this game bring us more joy than other games we played this year?

Okay so maybe we just kind of write down a list of every boardgame we played and reviewed this year and pick out roughly six of your favorite ones. More importantly, and this is the hard part, we each pick the one game that we think was the best board game of the year. This is super hard work so I hope you appreciate all our effort.

Anyway, please enjoy our 2022 year-end wrap up board game review, and Happy New Year!


This week we review the latest board game from Funforge; Namiji. Namij is a great boardgame in the tradition of Funforges other well-known board game; Tokaido.

Mechanics are supremely important to a great game, but mechanics are not the only thing that makes a game great. Story, theme, and art are clearly very important as well. Namiji, the newest game from FunForge, has decent low weight mechanics and is a fun game to play. However, where it really shines is in the other three categories. Particularly Theme and Art. the Aesthetic is minimalist and combined with the theme of Zen appreciation the game is a gorgeous and charming experience.

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Marvel Zombies Heroes Resistance


Zombicide is pretty much what got us into modern board gaming, so we are always exited to see a new version, and man do they every have a lot of versions. There is modern, medieval, sci-fi, western, a role and write and more. The latest version that we have had the chance to play is Marvel Zombies Heroes Resistance a minimized retail edition of the huge CMON and Spinmaster adaptation of the Marvel Zombies comic books. So, this version has some excellent fun new mechanics, but more than anything the big change is that it’s small. The big question is whether Zombicide can hold up as a fun game when you take away most of the bells and whistles.

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Cthulhu Death May Die: Fear of the unknown

Kickstarter Board Game Round-Up October 2022

In this episode of Hot Game Magnet we review our favourite board games which are currently available to back on kickstarter. PLUS Justin confesses what number backer he is on the latest CMON Kickstarter Cthulhu: Death May Die- Fear of the unknown.

What’s more fun than playing your favorite boardgame? Maybe nothing, but a close second is drooling over the latest list of upcoming boardgames on Kickstarter that might just be your next favorite. It’s time again for our kickstarter roundup. Let us know if you agree with our list in the comments below.

These are our favorite board games that we are currently backing on Kickstarter:

Cthulhu: Death May Die – Fear of the unknown – kickstarter review

Fun Brick Series Kickstarter 

Aqua Garden- Beach Combing Expansion Kickstarter

CMON Presents: The Animation Collection

CMON Presents: The Animation Collection: Teen Titans, Looney Tunes

In this episode we review the latest board game we have got in the post from CMON. It is from their Animation Collection, and we back the Teen Titans and Looney Tunes editions. We get to check out the Mayhem Games system from CMON with our kickstarter copies.

Despite being called the Mayhem system I have to say the game is a lot more family fun and a lot less destruction and chaos. This could be a good or a bad thing depending on your expectations. For us it was a definite good thing.

To listen to our full podcast review of the CMON Animation Collection click the player below.

So You've Been Eaten Board Game

So You’ve Been Eaten

In March 2021 we had the pleasure of backing this great boardgame on Kickstarter from Ludicreations: So You’ve Been Eaten. So You’ve Been Eaten has to be one of the funniest premises for a boardgame that we’ve come across. It also helps that the game has fun mechanics, great art, and is for 2 players. Also, it Plays in about 30 minutes which makes it great for the time poor. If you’d like to hear us review our latest boardgame from Kickstarter on our podcast, click the player below.


So You’ve Been Eaten Kickstarter Page

2 Minute Dino Deal

The hardest part about getting kids into board-games is probably dealing with their often very short attention spans. In this world of YouTube, TikTok and Instagram influencers, kids don’t really have a lot of patience for games with a lot of set up and gameplay. That’s why we love it when we find a game that’s fun, easy to learn and most importantly quick to play. this week we look at 2MinuteDinoDeal. A game that, as it says in the title, takes only two minutes to play.

February 2021 Kickstarter Round-up podcast

It’s time to round up all our favorite games coming out on kickstarter! This month we talk about cowboy Zombies, warring factions of woodland critters, a monster cafe, aliens invading mars, and a game about racing up a mountain to get to a public toilet! (we’re a little partial to that last one. LOL!)\

Check out Kickstarter here:

Zombicide: Undead or Alive

Cryptid Cafe

Bush Poo!


Raiders of Scythia

Ah Raiders of Scythia. Who knew that doing math and learning about history could be so much fun? I guess everyone that already played Raiders of the North Sea knew. Are we late to the party, or is Raiders of Scythia the perfect game to jump onto the renegade game studios with? I certainly do like all the eagles and horses and blood lusting ladies with bows, and such lovely art.