Kickstarter Round-up July 2023



It’s time for Kickstarter Round-up July 2023!

Hello fellow board game addicts. Are you looking for someone to help enable your crippling addiction? If yes, then you’re in luck because this week we talk about all the games I currently want to buy and think that maybe you should buy as well. Listen in as we discuss the pros and cons of each entry and ultimately decide to buy everything. LOL!

Find out what games are hot and why we think so! After all, we are called Hot game Magnet for a reason. It’s not because we like magnets. We do like magnets, but not for podcasting purposes. 

Click on the player below to listen in, as we discuss our favorite games that we don’t have yet!



If the games we discussed in Kickstarter Round-up July 2023 sound good to you, click on the pictures below to go to their crowdfunding pages!


MordredHamlet by the lake

GloomHaven Buttons and Bugs











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We are always looking for new board games to review for our podcast. If you have any Board Games you would like us to review, that are coming up on Kickstarter soon, let us know in the contact us page.