Bush Poo!

Kickstarter March 1st 2021


Bush Poo board game on Kickstarter

BushPoo! A Toilet Emergency game for the whole Family.

After a big breakfast its time for a climb up MT Magnificent. Too bad the beans on toast were dodgy because now you’re halfway up and everybody needs the toilet!

“BushPoo! is all about creating something that kids and families can enjoy together and to help introduce more people to the board gaming hobby.” 

Can you be the first to reach the public toilet at the top, or will you end up doing a BUSHPOO! Board Game designer and Artist Justin Crooks brings you a fun family game all about rushing to the finish before you “finish early”. In BushPoo! 2 – 4 players race to get to the finish and collect leaves along the way to earn points. Players can push their luck by taking short cuts or moving extra spaces on their turn, but that can be risky. Getting lost, finding poison-ivy, or even pooing your pants are all hazards along the way.

BushPoo! also includes a fun party mechanic where players can earn extra points by doing goofy actions, like making a fart noise, or

shouting “I’ve gotta do a Poo!”

BushPoo! has been a massive hit with kids during development and playtesting and is a great entry level game for the board gaming hobby.