Fire Tower boardgame Review

This week we have our Fire Tower boardgame review.

This surprisingly well produced game is available at Kmart(AU) for the ridiculously cheap price of $25AUD. To put that in perspective its less than half the price of the expansion. That being said, it’s not really advisable to just buy what’s cheap at Kmart if you want good games. However, the game itself is more than worth the price and we would have been happy with it even at twice the price. It’s reasonably quick to learn and play with fast set up. We found that this game could easily be enjoyed by younger kids but was still engaging for us adults. I especially enjoyed the colorful fire tokens and the gorgeous box art.

One bit of warning. If you are hoping to play a game about saving the forest from fire, then this is not that game at all. Your goal is basically the opposite, and you win by spreading the fire as much as you can to burn up every other player’s fire tower and be the last player left alive.

After reading our Fire Tower boardgame review perhaps you would like to buy a copy of your own. Follow the links below to get Campy Creatures for yourself!

Fire Tower: Fight Fire with Fire Board Game – Kmart – best price!

Fire Tower Base Game — Runaway Parade Games – from the source

Fire Tower Expansion – more fire more fun

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