Hadrian's wall boardgame review

It’s time for our Hadrian’s Wall boardgame review! When visiting the North of Britannia in 122 AD, the Roman Emperor Hadrian Augustus witnessed the aftermath of war between his armies and the savage Picts. In a show of Roman might, he ordered a wall to be built that would separate the Pict tribes from the rest of England. Grand in its design, the wall stretched 80 Roman miles, from coast to coast. In the game, Hadrian’s Wall from garphill games and Bobby Hill with art by Sam Phillips, it’s your job to spend 6 years building and improving a 1-mile section of the impressive megastructure. each year you receive resources which you must spend wisely to make your mile castle prosper and repel the Picts attacks. Although it is an intimidating game out of the box it is quick to learn and forgiving despite its complexity. If you enjoy games such as Dinosaur Island Roar and Write, or Raiders of Scythia this game might just be the perfect addition to your collection. Perhaps you enjoyed our Hadrian’s Wall boardgame review so much that you would like to buy a copy of your own. If so, follow the links below find it in retail.

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