Kabuto Sumo boardgame review

Kabuto Sumo boardgame review
Fight to become the most legendary beetle wrestler.

Kabuto Sumo boardgame review.

It’s generally frowned upon in civilized society to make your pets fight other people’s pets for entertainment. There are a few exceptions, like Pokémon, or when you have multiple suitors. Another exception is Kabuto Sumo.

In Kabuto Sumo, you battle for supremacy in the ring with your own pet beetle wrestler. The gameplay of Kabuto Sumo resembles the coin-pusher arcade games in which you strategically drop quarters and anxiously anticipate coins cascading off the platform. This game features a similar experience, with you trying to strategically slide pieces onto the board and push the other players out of the ring. It’s an exciting combination of dexterity, strategy, and luck.

For our Kabuto Sumo boardgame review we talk about the pros and cons of Kabuto Sumo and whether we think it’s a hit or a miss.

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