It’s time for our Century: Golem Edition Review!

Century: Golem Edition is a re-themed version of Century: Spice Road set in the world of Caravania. In Century: Golem Edition, players are caravan leaders who travel the famed golem road to deliver crystals to the far reaches of the world.

We recently had the opportunity to play this popular reimplementation of Century: Spice Road from Plan B games.

We had the chance to play more than a few games at the time, but we chose to play Century: Golem more because it’s a very fun game. The Mechanics, which are exactly the same as Century: Spice Road, are well designed and elegant. The theme and components are what took the game a step above for us. It’s beautifully illustrated and well-crafted with colorful “gems” and great inserts for easy set up.

Having played it we love it, but is it worthy of a spot in our collection? Listen to our Century: Golem Edition Review to find out.

Hey, if you enjoyed our review and want to try Century: Golem Edition for yourself, follow the links bellow to get a copy of your own.

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