Septima kickstarter review
turn suspicion and anger into support and acceptance.


It’s time for our Septima kickstarter review!

We have a certain style of game that is what we consider to be perfect. It’s not perfect for everyone but it’s perfect for us. We like an upper medium weight game with great art, and an interesting theme that takes about 90 minutes to play for two players.

There are a ton of games that fit these criteria but not all of them have the magic that makes a game great. Luckily this week’s game, Septima from Mindclash games, is all about magic.

Septima is a competitive, high-interaction strategy game of witchcraft. As the leader of a coven, you strive to overcome your rivals to become the worthy successor of Septima, the High Witch.

Don’t be misled. Septima is not a competitive blood bath of dark magic. You are not the villain, but instead you win the game by overcoming the suspicion of the towns folk and improving their quality of life. I wouldn’t expect a thank you though. The towns folk have a lot of suspicion to overcome, so you can look forward to evading witch hunters and saving your coven from the dreaded witch trials.

Septima ticks a lot of boxes for us but is it a contender for our game of the year? Listen now to find out.


If you enjoyed our Septima kickstarter review and would like to learn more about the game check out the link below!

Septima – Mindclash Games


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