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On Tour Paris & New York

What’s better than Travel Games or Traveling? Playing Travel Games while Traveling. I really like games that are set in a real-world location, and I kind of want to go all over the world and play games in the real-world city where they are set. There might be some exceptions to this. Anyway, On Tour Paris & New York contains two games about real-world cities for the price of one. It’s pretty fun as well. LOL!

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Kingdom Death: Monster (prt 1)


Kingdom Death Monster is like no other game we have reviewed. It’s easily the biggest, both in physical size and gameplay content. It is very dark. Very very dark, and gory, and violent, and really dark. However, it is at the same time artistically beautiful. Every miniature, every graphic, and illustration, even the choices of color feel part of one powerful artistic vision. It is heavily derivative of Japanese comic books, but at the same time it is completely unique and again every aspect of its narrative is by the uncompromising vision of the game’s creator. It is the most expensive game I have come across, but of all the games I own it has the best value. Kingdom Death Monster is an overwhelmingly huge gaming experience, and this review is only our first cursory foray into this expansive and still growing game.

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Kingdom Death | Boutique Nightmare Horror


Getting your kids involved in the boardgame hobby is one of the major payoffs for parents who are avid gamers. It’s not always so easy though. What if you’re into heavy fantasy dungeon crawlers? How do you get your kids into that? There are a lot of kids’ games and educational games out there, but let’s be honest, most of them are just not fun. Zaberias is relatively new educational game. It’s also a fantasy skirmish game. It’s also really fun and it’s also very accessible to kids. It’s pretty educational as well. Okay, so maybe not all education kids’ games are drag.

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Home | Zaberias


Chateau is a new Roll&Write game coming to kickstarter  as a Print&Play. We got the chance to check it out early when Rolling Rhino Games sent us a review copy. It’s definitely a lot of fun, and it’s interesting how well Roll&Write games work as a Print&Play. All you need is some dice, pencils and a printer. I wonder what other syles and Formats of games are a perfect match. Let us know what combinations you think are ideal.

Château by Rolling Rhino Games — Kickstarter

Kickstarter Round up February 2023

I don’t buy every game I like but I probably buy more than I should. that’s okay. I’ve made my peace. It could be drugs, right? At least it’s not drugs. It’s now February and I’ve been up to my old tricks. Hanging around kickstarter pages. Perusing Facebook marketplace. Coveting surprise preorders. LOL. Anyway, I’ve made up a short list of the games I find most tantalizing, and we discuss the pros and cons of this month’s kickstarter round up (KSRU). Let us know if I’ve convinced you to back a new game, or if I didn’t include something that you think is just criminal not to include. This is fun. We do it for the fun. I can stop anytime.

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Marvel United: Multiverse by CMON — Kickstarter

Hollywood 1947

Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: ANNIHILAGEDDON 3 by Cryptozoic Entertainment — Kickstarter

Skate Summer

I always wanted to be a skate boarder, but I grew up in the country with a dirt road and also, I didn’t like all the falling down so I never really got to live the dream.  Pandasaurus games new release Skate Summer, grabbed me from the first, with its nostalgic promise to relive that childhood dream. It has some really interesting and unique mechanics, spot on artwork, and the creator clearly knows what they’re talking about when it comes to skating.

It’s a promising game from a consistent company. Is it the perfect boardgame adaptation of the skater lifestyle? Do those interesting mechanics make for a solid fun game?

Listen in to find out if Skate Summer lands the trick, or totally bails.

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2022 Year End Wrap Up

Another Year come and gone. We played a lot of games and did a lot of board game reviews. Some of them were good, some of them not so good, and some of them were pretty great. We went over every new board game that we played this year and decided on the six board games we review that we could both agree were our favorite board games. Our rules for what makes the list of best board games of the year are pretty loose. The first rule is: did we play this board game in 2022? The second rule for what boardgame we think should go on our best board game list is: did this game bring us more joy than other games we played this year?

Okay so maybe we just kind of write down a list of every boardgame we played and reviewed this year and pick out roughly six of your favorite ones. More importantly, and this is the hard part, we each pick the one game that we think was the best board game of the year. This is super hard work so I hope you appreciate all our effort.

Anyway, please enjoy our 2022 year-end wrap up board game review, and Happy New Year!


This week we review the latest board game from Funforge; Namiji. Namij is a great boardgame in the tradition of Funforges other well-known board game; Tokaido.

Mechanics are supremely important to a great game, but mechanics are not the only thing that makes a game great. Story, theme, and art are clearly very important as well. Namiji, the newest game from FunForge, has decent low weight mechanics and is a fun game to play. However, where it really shines is in the other three categories. Particularly Theme and Art. the Aesthetic is minimalist and combined with the theme of Zen appreciation the game is a gorgeous and charming experience.

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Marvel Zombies Heroes Resistance


Zombicide is pretty much what got us into modern board gaming, so we are always exited to see a new version, and man do they every have a lot of versions. There is modern, medieval, sci-fi, western, a role and write and more. The latest version that we have had the chance to play is Marvel Zombies Heroes Resistance a minimized retail edition of the huge CMON and Spinmaster adaptation of the Marvel Zombies comic books. So, this version has some excellent fun new mechanics, but more than anything the big change is that it’s small. The big question is whether Zombicide can hold up as a fun game when you take away most of the bells and whistles.

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2 Minute Dino Deal

The hardest part about getting kids into board-games is probably dealing with their often very short attention spans. In this world of YouTube, TikToc and instagram influencers, kids don’t really have a lot of patience for games with a lot of set up and gameplay. That’s why we love it when we find a game that’s fun, easy to learn and most importantly Quick to play. this week we look at 2MinuteDinoDeal. A game that, as it says in the title, takes only two minutes to play.