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Boss Babe Interview

In this week’s episode I speak with Brian Fisher from Kickstarter game Boss Babe. This game is different than anything we’ve ever seen before. It isn’t so much a game, it’s more like a statement against multi-level marketing companies, and how they have taken a hold of some of our nearest and dearest. It’s funny and it’s satire and it’s not at all heavy. I’m not sure if Brian is a genius or has just tripped too far down a rabbit hole, but this game might be just the gateway game that some of you all need to channel your energy from talking about shampoo to joining our board game table. The branding is slick and the punch line is on, so if you are looking to introduce someone special to a lifestyle of social interaction check this out. And if you’re not interested, I suggest you listen anyway, as this is the edgiest show I’ve done.


SYNDICATE: An Interplanetary Conquest Board Game

In this episode of Hot Game Magnet we interview the guys who made Syndicate, a 4x game where you get to play as a mafia organisation in the year 3105. A very specific year in the future because that’s when organised crime challenges “The Sovereign”. Greg and Josh tne creators of Syndicate leave nothing out! They explain everything from their creative process, the mechanics of the game, and how to have a super successful Kickstarter despite initial hiccups. If you are interested in backing Syndicate (yes there’s still time) this episode is a must!

Check out the SYNDICATE Kickstarter here


Marvel United

In today’s episode of Hot Game Magnet we discuss our newest game Marvel United. Justin backed this one on Kickstarter, and we don’t have all the extras yet, just the base game. It is a complete game where you can play as one of your favourite super heroes, you know, as long as your favourite super hero is either Iron Man, Ant Man, Hulk, Wasp, Black Widow, Captain Marvel or Captain America. It’s a cooperative game up to 4 players, but you can even play by yourself. In this podcast we discuss everything you’d expect like the component quality, mechanics, artwork and even the whole kickstarter journey. This episode is a must for anyone who likes CMON games and loves the Marvel Universe.

Backyard Cricket

Backyard Cricket Dice Game

In this episode of Hot Game Magnet we speak with Haplo D’Biggs creator of the Backyard Cricket Dice Game. This game is unique in its marketing and design and will give you an insight into a uniquely Australian game. In this interview we cover everything from how the game was created to how it is marketed and sold, how to play the game and how you can get your own copy. If you’re interested in the game, check it out at https://lildbiggs.com.au/

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Soft poached hedgehogs

Soft Poached Hedgehog

Soft Poached Hedgehogs is an up and coming card game involving you being a hedgehog Chef trying to add ingredients to bake enough recipes to win the game. Today I talk with the creator, Suzette Conrad who is currently in the early stages of development. It involves all the competitiveness of a great game coupled with cute woodland artwork and slightly ‘questionable humour’. We talk about all the success and struggles Suzette is facing with getting her game to market. Soft Poached Hedgehogs is currently available for PnP. So you too can get this freshly baked treat.

Check out the Soft Poached Hedgehogs site here: https://softpoachedgames.wordpress.com/

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Meeple Marketing

In today’s episode I interview Nalin Chuapetcharasopon, founder of Meeple Marketing, and ask her how someone would go about marketing a board game ready for Kickstarter. This is such as loaded subject as there is so much out there and it is difficult to know where to start. Nalin breaks it down for us and shows how simple it really can be to get your board game out there and ready to launch.

Power Slam Card Game

Power Slam! Wrestling Card Game

Today’s episode is very special because it’s our 50th episode. Also, it is our very first interview. Today we talk with creator and comic Ray Cashman about his up and coming Power Slam card game. The artwork is high action with a cheesy 80’s 90’s pro wrestling feel. The game is easy to pick up and has a unique pin mechanic. When Justin and Alison met first met in Japan we used to watch hours of professional wrestling on tv as it was the only thing on that was in English, so Power Slam card game’s theme really resonates with us. If you are feeling nostalgic too for some ring side action the Kickstarter is launching July 27, 2020.

Board Game Black Angel

Black Angel


In this episode of Hot Game Magnet we discuss our new favourite game Black Angel. This game from Pearl Games has been on our shelf since Christmas, but we have only just got it out. Black Angel the board game is a hand management worker placement game. You are playing as an AI on a space ship: the Black Angel. In the far flung future all of humanity is being ferried to our new planet. There are 4 AI’s, representing different nations, competing to be the best at ushering said humanity to our new planet. The AI’s job is to protect the sleeping remnants of humanity, making sure they arrive safely and protecting them from 3 different alien threats. The AI that does the best job, wakes up their faction first thus making them the ruler of the world. In this episode we discuss the art, the replay-ability, the components and anything else we can think of. This game is super photogenic, super fun and super crunchy. For more info listen to find out what we thought of it.