Century: Golem Edition Review

It’s time for our Century: Golem Edition Review! Century: Golem Edition is a re-themed version of Century: Spice Road set in the world of Caravania. In Century: Golem Edition, players are caravan leaders who travel the famed golem road to deliver crystals to the far reaches of the world. We recently had the opportunity to play this popular reimplementation […]

Viking See-Saw review

  this week we take a look at Viking See-Saw and some kickstarter games that look like they might be awesome. Sometimes the simplest games are the ones we play the most. Viking See-Saw is a new game from Itten Games and game designer Dr. Reinerkunitia. I’m a big fan of this Japanese boardgame company. […]

Rhino Hero Super Battle

Sometimes the things you suspect you won’t enjoy turn out to be the things you enjoy the most. For example, lots of people think PB&J is gross without even trying it, but their wrong. I never wanted to play Rhino Hero Super Battle because I didn’t like the yellow box. How silly was I. This […]

Beast Kickstarter Board Game review

  In this fortnight’s podcast episode of Hot Game Magnet, we do a review of the Kiickstarter Board Game: Beast, our latest favorite game from Kickstarter. Hidden Movement is one of the most thematic mechanics in board gaming. Essentially, there is just something about sneaking around the game board and springing traps on your opponent […]