Sometimes the things you suspect you won’t enjoy turn out to be the things you enjoy the most. For example, lots of people think PB&J is gross without even trying it, but their wrong. I never wanted to play Rhino Hero Super Battle because I didn’t like the yellow box. How silly was I. This isn’t a game from kickstarter but it is easily one of the best kids/family games I’ve played. 5 out of 5! I guess you really can’t judge a game by its box. In other words, everybody should at least try PB&J. LOL! Also, we talk a bit about what’s currently on kickstarter that looks good or interesting. I found 3 games currently on kickstarter that I would buy if I had infinite money and space. Actually, if I had infinite money and space I would probably buy a bout two dozen kickstarter games every week. LOL

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Rhino Hero

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