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Zombicide Invader

Zombicide Invader

Can one ever truely kill enough of the undead? Maybe, but we certainly haven’t found the upper limit for dice chucking zombie mahem. Zombicide Invader is the latest reimagining of CMON’s most popular  franchise, in which players get to visit a whole new world and massacre it’s mold infected populace.

New art, a new theme, and some new mechanics all feature heavily, as does the fast paced cooperative slaughter that we have come to expect from the franchise.

See how well Zombicide Invader stacks up compared to the rest of this blockbuster franchise.

Check out Zombicide: Invader from Cool Mini Or Not here.

The Others Board Game CMON

Episode 9: The Others

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Welcome to Episode 9 of Hot Game Magnet. Today we discuss our old favourite game: The Others, by Eric Lang for Cool Mini Or Not. This game is awesome and is probably our most played game.

The Other’s is supposed to be a one versus many game, but who are we kidding, we usually play all our games by ourselves.

In this episode we talk about the characters, mechanics, replay ability and how to win without corrupting your soul.

Get your dice tower ready, because you are going to need it, in this Sins Versus the Heroes game.

Alison 5/5 Hot Game Magnets!

Justin 4.5/5 Hot Game Magnets


In this episode:


Episode 6: Blood Rage

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In today’s episode we discuss one of our favourite board games: Blood Rage! It’s first in a series of Eric Lang games that we will be reviewing. Well, because we’re a bit obsessed and think he makes pretty awesome games.

Blood Rage is cool on so many levels. It’s quick to set up, has a cool theme and isn’t too heavy. It can make your blood boil a bit though. It’s so frustrating losing at games all the time. Just as well with this game the losing streaks are never permanent.

In this episode we talk about components, game play and replay-ability.

Hot Game Magnet Score out of 5:

Alison 4.5 and Justin 4. Find out why, by listening to our show.

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