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Feudum by Odd Bird Games board

Episode 7- Feudum

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In today’s massive episode we review the massive board game- Feudum.

This is our longest podcast to dates, as Feudum is probably one of the longest games we have.

Also, we cover all five expansions, as well as the new Kickstarter which is, Rudders and Ramparts.

We love Feudum because it has a bit of everything, with whimsy and conflict and area control.

How many Hot Game Magnets did we give it?

Justin 4.5

Alison 4

Find out why, by listening to the episode.

Mentioned in this episode:

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Alison playing Feudum board game
set up for Feudum
Feudum board game set up
Feudum score tracker
game board for Feudum, odd bird games
Component pieces of Feudum
Feudum played while on the floor
Feudum with serpent
person playing Feudum board game


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