Excavation Earth - Kickstarter Boardgame

Kickstarter boardgames. There are a lot of board games about buying and selling in a market. It’s a very popular drama and having played more than a few I can tell you it’s actually very fun. Especially when you have a real cleaver premise combined with great art and solid mechanics. Excavation Earth lets you play as an alien archaeologist scouring the ruins of humanity on an abandoned earth looking for cool stuff to sell or put in museums. It’s full of hilarious little easter eggs, but more importantly it’s a very fun well-designed euro. Excavation Earth from Might Boards has done Kickstarter twice and is available in retail. If we’ve convinced you that this is one of the best games ever and you’d like to get a copy, you’re in luck. Check out the links below!

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Excavation Earth – Stone Monkey

This week we also discuss Kickstarter boardgames currently available to back. I’m not saying you have to back these kickstarter boardgames, but you really should check them out. LOL! Biohack – by uchibacoya looks amazing. One of our faviorite little kickstarter boardgames Aqua garden is from the same company. Expect a lot of game for your dollar.

Apex Legends™: The Board Game by Glass Cannon just looks cool. Glass Cannon had a big success with ther previous game ‘”Frost Pun”. If you’re a fan of the popular video game it might be worth checking out.

Like I said, buy responsibly but these both look like great games to check out on kickstarter. check the links bellow.

Biohack – Kickstarter

Apex Legends™: The Board Game – Kickstarter

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We are always looking for new board games to review for our podcast. If you have any Board Games you would like us to review, that are coming up on Kickstarter soon, let us know in the contact us page.