Stranger Things -UPSIDE DOWN- review


We got a chance to play Stranger Things -UPSIDE DOWN- and definitely had to do a review! I always want games based on IP that I love but most of the time games based on popular shows or TV are pretty terrible. Consequently, I avoid buying games that are officially licensed for TV and Movie IP. That being said, there are some exceptions that warrant a Stranger Things -UPSIDE DOWN- review.

So far, I have encountered a few very good games based on popular IP. Usually, these games are from game companies that specialize in high quality board games with a strong focus on well-developed game mechanics and high production value. Thus, when I saw that CMON had produced a straight to retail board game for stranger things (one of my favorite Netflix shows) I knew that the game would probably be pretty good. After all, CMON produced and outstanding game for the Godfather among others. I expected high quality mini’s and components, Thematic game play, and unique well-developed mechanics.

Does Stranger Things -UPSIDE DOWN- live up to my expectations, and also provide a good game experience, or does the alchemy of CMON+Netflix not quite work? You should probably listen to the episode to find out our thoughts.


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